4 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe. It stands out on numerous interesting aspects of its geography and society. For instance, it is the largest country in terms of size exclude Russia, and it has the highest alcohol consumption rate, it hosts the tunnel of love, and its Black Sea coastline is unique.

Its Geographical Size
Apart from Russia, Ukraine is the largest country in the world. It is a little-known fact unless one is a geography enthusiast. However, the majority believe other countries such as France are closer to Russia than Ukraine. Its area is approximately 600,000 square kilometers with the country located between Russia and Poland. The Black Sea also sandwiches it.

Highest Alcohol Consumption Rate
The World Health Organization ranked Ukraine, the highest alcohol consumers across the globe. It is estimated that more than 13.9 liters per capita of alcohol is consumed in the country every year. The statistic ranks above Belarus, Moldova, and Russia. The statistic is attributed to the high number of alcohol sellers throughout the country. It is a curious statistic to embody as a country.

It Hosts the Tunnel of Love
The tunnel of love is a social media sensational image of a tunnel-shaped railway channel that is surrounded by vegetation that is curved sensationally to mark the beauty of nature. It is found in the forests of Kleven. The railway is a private property that facilitates the transportation of wood to the local plats. Thus, the Tunnel of Love is a previously rarely known aspect of Ukraine.

Black Sea Unique Coastline
There are aspects of the coastline of Ukraine concerning the Black Sea. The coat of Ukraine does not experience tides. The phenomenon has never occurred, and scientists do not predict in manifestation. The water level if the coastline never changes too.

If you are planning your next holiday vacation, then this is a lace to me you will never get bored. I call Ukraine a Country of adventure.